Pipe and Drape Pricing

8' Pipe & Drape Section - 8' Tall x  10' Wide Pipe and Drape $18.00. per section. Curtains available in white, ivory, black ad red.. Additional drapes are available at additional cost and drapes must be rented in conjunction with structure. Set up and take down of pipe & drape is available for additional cost. Additional labor charges may be applicable for custom or large quantities. 
(Up-Right Extensions are available if you would like a taller pipe and drape section) 
Extensions Rent for $10 ea

 30lb Base Weight Pipe and Drape $5.75 The use of weights with pipe and drape does not guarantee the stability of equipment when used in a non-recommended fashion.

Specialty Curtains: Specialty curtains start at $12 per panel and up. Each panel is appx. 10-12ft. Tall x 10-20ft. Wide. 

Specialty Curtain Materials: Rosette, Sequins, Sheer, Crystal Curtains, Abstract and Satin. Some curtains come in varies colors.

 For more details, call (314) 409-3327


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